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Fostering Babies

What do I need to know if I'm interested in fostering a baby?

"Can I foster a baby?"

We hear this question a lot.

That warms our hearts because if there ever was a time when a young person in the foster caring system needed the deepest well of support, it’s when a teenage girl is expecting a baby.

Mother and Baby Fostering

For these vulnerable young mums, a mother and baby fostering network is the only thing that stands between building a future with their child and losing them to the system.

And, thanks to the much-needed foster carers in our network who seek mother and baby placements, those young mums finally have a chance for positive change in their lives.

Young mum and her baby taking a selfie looking happy

Families Who Offer Foster Support for Babies

The well-being of not one but two lives is forever enriched by these kind-hearted folks. For it’s their dedication, courage, and compassion that provides the backbone of the baby and mother fostering system.

About Mother and Baby Placements

Being a foster carer is rewarding on so many levels but there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you’ve helped a newborn child get a head start in the world.

There are unparalleled rewards and challenges that carers experience when they open their homes and provide foster support for babies during those first crucial months of life.

You’re also giving both a chance to begin life anew. The opportunity to impact two lives — a young mum and her baby — is one of the special rewards of fostering a baby.

Your Role in Baby and Mother Fostering

Your role in offering foster support for babies and their mums is two-fold. You will:

  1. Provide a safe, secure environment. You are helping immensely by providing the basics. That includes a stable lifestyle, proper nutrition, and a judgment-free zone for the mother, in which she’s able to prepare for the birth of her child and to thrive in the first months of motherhood.
  2. Act as a mentor. You are also a mentor for a young girl who is overwhelmed by the changes in her life as she prepares to become a mother. Once the child arrives, you are there to support her through the challenges that every new mother faces.
Mature lady holding her foster baby

Qualifying for Mother and Baby Placements

If you're new to the fostering world, you may not be quite sure of what’s expected of you. You probably have a sense of the awesome responsibility ahead of you so it may not come as a surprise that the application process is slightly demanding of you.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • References. Provide references from people who can attest to your suitability for fostering a baby
  • Backgrond. Provide detailed background information
  • Commitment. Show a commitment to learning the skills that are needed for fostering babies
  • Disclosure. Anyone who works with children is required to provide an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Assessment. This is the most involved part of the qualification process and takes from four to six months to complete
  • Panel. Finally, you’ll face a Fostering Panel. They will review your application. Then, they may ask you some questions about your desire, your commitment, and your qualifications for providing foster support for babies and their mums.
young mum and her child and foster baby placement

Training for Mother and Baby Placements

One of the main reasons is that fostering agencies provide far better support systems for people who are new to fostering.

As a carer in the Perpetual Fostering network of families, you will benefit from a rich support network. Your support team consists of a diverse group of professionals whose sole focus is to help prepare you for your role as a foster carer:

  • Your social worker. You’ll more than likely develop a long-term relationship with your social worker. This person is your main contact throughout your career as a foster carer.
  • Fellow carers. Once you join the Perpetual Fostering family of carers and professionals, you’ll have access to a wide network of experienced carers. It’s a network of peers who can answer your questions and help you get to know the ropes.
  • Advanced support. If your social worker can’t answer your questions or provide any specialized assistance you may need, there’s another level of support available to you. You can arrange an at-home visit or another type of extended support: whatever you require!
  • Opportunities for respite. Mother-baby fostering is a gratifying role but it’s also a job. And, like any job you take, time away is occasionally called for. We give two weeks of paid respite per year to help you perform your best in your role as a carer.
young mum and her foster baby lying on the bed looking playful

Foster Pay for Mother Baby Placements

In addition to a vast support network, foster carers who open their homes to a mother and baby are also compensated. Fostering allowances vary, however, so it’s hard to give a specific amount that you will receive.

Plus, fostering pay can vary from agency to agency. Here at Perpetual Fostering, we value the dedication and commitment of the families who open their hearts (as well as their homes) to some of the most vulnerable young people there are. We know it’s not about the money but we also know it takes considerable resources to offer this kind of support.

That’s why we provide compensation that’s well above and beyond the minimum foster pay minimums set by the government. In addition to compensation for covering the basics of daily living, we also provide a professional fee to help families give just that little extra that can make such a large impact on everyone — the young mums, their babies, and you.

To find out more, please give us a call or submit your info for a complete guide to fostering babies

Guide to what foster carers get paid cover

If you'd like to find out more, including how to deal with the Panel Review stage and even more details on foster pay, please read our Ultimate Guide to Foster Carers Pay.

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About Perpetual Fostering

We have supported more than 1,000 carers and children over more than 20 years.

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We're committed to supporting the children we place and helping them fulfil their potential. Our foster families and children build such successful relationships because we're committed to meeting everyone's emotional and professional needs.

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