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What do Foster Carers Get Paid?

Fostering is a rewarding career with generous payments

You should think of fostering as a career, and as you would with any job, you need to think about finances.

It costs money to raise children – to clothe them, feed them and encourage them to take up hobbies and interests. Think about driving them to rugby practice or the cinema. These costs add up.

Foster carer payments are complicated. You’re paid weekly, and the amount is based on how experienced you are and who you foster. There are 2 parts to the payment:

  1. An allowance that covers the full cost of caring for your fostered child, including food, clothing, pocket money, personal and household expenses, equipment, outings, dentist, optician, activities, telephone and travel.
  2. A reward payment for the important work you carry out each day. We provide a generous a reward payment that reflects your level of experience and the type of foster placement you’re currently involved in.

How much you’re paid depends on many variables. If you’d like to receive a more accurate idea of the figure you’d likely receive, please download our free Guide to What Foster Carers Get Paid below or contact us.

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