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101 Foster Care Tips: Prepare To Foster

As a leading independent fostering agency, we pride ourselves in our ability to be a supportive agency that provides highly professional care and guidance to our fostering community whenever it is required. Here is the first instalment of our tips, starting with how to prepare to foster.

Whilst the journey of being a foster carer is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, it’s not without its challenging moments. Being able to listen to someone who has travelled on the same path as you is often the best advice that you can ever receive as a carer.

With the help of our Fostering Services Manager, Joanne, and a handful of our experienced foster carers, we have manage to compile a list of 101 useful foster care tips for anyone new to fostering.

In the first part of our weekly series, we will look at how you should prepare to foster and why it is important to be ready for the arrival of your foster placement.

What Joanne says…

““Talk to your supervising social worker, find out as much as possible – there won’t be any questions you ask they will not have heard before!”

What our foster carers say about preparing to foster…

“We had our kids and grandkids come over and that really helped. He followed their behaviour and learned to stop asking if it was alright to do things.” – Cathie

“Try to be normal. It can be scary for a child coming into your home for the first time, especially if they have had a turbulent time beforehand, so you’ll want to provide some normality.” – Alison

“Get as much information as possible about likes and dislikes – what they like to be called, for example, as some children don’t like to have their name shortened.” – Cathryn

“Having a few practical things helps, like a few tee-shirts or pyjamas or a toothbrush as they can turn up with very little with them.” – Elaine G

A mixture of emotions as you prepare to foster

As you prepare to foster for the very first time you’re likely to be met with a mixture of emotions. From excitement and eagerness to apprehension and nervousness, but don’t worry these feelings are completely normal, and It’s certainly part of the reason why we’re here to help, assist and guide you through your entire fostering journey.

As a rule, we’ll always ensure that each fostering placement is the perfect fit for you, your family and the needs of a child or young person. Additionally, we aim to provide you with as much information about a particular foster child before they arrive in your care, so that you can gauge their interests, likes and dislikes. We’ll also show you how you can prepare your home from a practical point of view.

If you would like to receive further information about becoming a foster carer, or how to prepare to foster for the first time, contact one of our experienced social workers today.

Tune in next week when we’ll be looking at what our carers have to say about building up trust in a foster placement.

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