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6 Reasons Why Children Should Be Drinking Milk

We all know that babies need the nutrients from breast milk or formula milk for nourishment and development. But once a child reaches the age of 1, they can begin drinking cow’s milk. According to the BBC, experts still recommend whole milk for children between 1 and 2 years old. From the age of 2 and onwards semi-skimmed milk can be introduced into their diet.

Milk is very important for children – here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Calcium

Calcium is such an important nutrient for children as they are growing up – its also great for adults too. It protects our bodies from bone loss and it promotes healthy, stronger bones. It is essential to get your recommended amount of daily calcium. 1 cup of milk contains around 300 milligrams of calcium. The recommended amount for children aged 2-3 is 2 cups; children aged 4-8 need 2½ cups and children aged 9 and older need around 3 cups.

  1. Vitamin D

The presence of vitamin D in milk is important since it helps the body to absorb the calcium. It also helps bone strength by promoting bone growth. Vitamin D reduces inflammation and increases immune function.

  1. Healthy Bones

Milk contains calcium, which is vital for healthy, strong bones. It also helps prevent bone growth disorders and decrease the chance of bone fractures when injured.

  1. Healthy Teeth

Children should be drinking milk as it protects the enamel surface of teeth against acidic substances.

  1. Wards Off Weight Gain

Childhood obesity is an rising problem in today’s society with children becoming increasingly less active whilst consuming too many calories per day. According to Guida’s, recent studies have shown that calcium helps the body burn fat, while at the same time causing less fat to be stored. While this is not an excuse for children to eat a high-fat diet and wash it down with a glass of milk, introducing a moderate diet along with milk (providing the calcium) will help keep your child fit.

  1. Rehydration

Most people don’t realise that milk contains a good amount of water molecules and so it helps to keep the body hydrated.

Drinking milk is great for children – it keeps their bones and teeth healthy and strong. It is fortified with vitamin D and provides lean protein as well. Milk is also a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and zinc.

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