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Am I Really Ready To Become A Foster Parent?

If you’re reading this article then there’s a strong chance you have an interest in becoming a foster carer, although there may be something at the back of your mind that makes you believe that fostering isn’t for you, or that you’re not ready to be a foster carer just yet.

For some people, the attraction of caring for a foster child is something that naturally appeals to them and their family. For others, however, fostering may have been a decision that you’ve mulled over for quite a while now.

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Fear of the unknown

There’s no doubt that applying to become a foster carer is one of the biggest steps you’ll ever make in your lifetime, but not knowing what to expect when you join our fostering community is a natural feeling felt by many of our new foster carers. Well, there’s really nothing to worry about, as our team of dedicated and experienced social workers will be by your side at every point of your fostering journey.

Whether it’s your initial training, setting up weekly meetings or giving you valuable information about how the application process works, you’ll know you’ll be able to rely on us to give you the best level of support and guidance.

Good listener? Sense of humour? Strong level of resilience? You’ll be glad to know that you’re probably more qualified than you think to become a foster carer. Although you don’t need any previous experience to become a foster carer, it’s important that you’re approachable and have an open-mind, as you’ll be caring for children and young people who have entered the care system for a variety of reasons and from a wide range of backgrounds too.

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    Do it for the right reasons

    If there’s one trait that our fantastic community of foster carers share is that they’re all doing it for the right reasons. It’s essential you understand that fostering is all about supporting and improving the lives of some of the most at risk children and young people in our communities. These children and young people need role models like you and your family that will love, care and encourage them in every aspect of their lives.

    You know what foster care involves

    It’s not just about knowing whether you have the right personality or willingness to improve a child’s life that makes you ready to become a foster carer, it’s also important that you recognise what the role of a foster carer entails on a daily basis as well.

    To put things into perspective, fostering is a job unlike any other. The overwhelming sense of pride and joy it gives you when you see the child you’re caring for has become more confident and self-assured in their life cannot be compared against.

    At the same time, all prospective foster carers must understand that fostering is not a form of childcare that is similar to babysitting or childminding, for example, whereby children only stay in your care for a short period of time each day. Instead, foster care involves a child or young person staying with you throughout the duration of the placement.

    Stretching from several days, a few weeks or even a couple of years, each foster placement varies in terms of length and specific requirements, so it’s good to know that here at Perpetual Fostering we offer a full range of foster placements to suit the demands of our extraordinary foster carers.

    You can meet the practical requirements

    Although you may have what it takes to become a good role model to a foster child, and you understand the level of commitment that foster care requires, you may feel that you’re not ready to become a foster carer because you don’t meet the practical requirements.

    Believe it or not, there are actually very few practical considerations that would stand in the way of you applying to become a foster carer. Essentially, you need to be over the age of 21, have a spare bedroom, be financially stable and a strong grasp of the english language.

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    Yes, that’s really it! So, even if you don’t feel that you’re ready to become a foster carer because you currently work full time, have pets, are single, married, divorced or widowed, you can still apply. Make sure you take a look at our recent post on the common misconceptions about who can foster for further information.

    The great thing about foster care is that regardless of your background or personal circumstances you still have the same opportunity to be a foster carer. Plus it’s also extremely flexible, so there’s always something to suit everyone.

    Now that we’ve put your mind at ease, isn’t it time you made the first steps on your journey as a foster carer with us? To apply, or to receive more information, make sure you contact our head office today. It could be greatest thing you ever decide to do!

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