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Back to School Preparation For Foster Children

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and the return to school and normality is looming. For children in foster care, the change in routine may be challenging and it may take some time to adjust. Here are a few tips that should help you as a foster parent to prepare your child in care for a new school year.

Build Excitement

The school year will present many opportunities to your child in care, in addition to classes and homework. It would help to do research on the school and learn about the activities that are on offer to your foster child depending on their interests.

Let Them Be Involved

If your foster child is taking their own lunch to school, let them be a part of choosing what they want to eat for the day – and let them help you pack it. Exercising independence helps with growth and maturity and it will let your foster child know that their opinions matter. But if they only want to eat chocolate, you MAY need to take the upper hand!

Revive Sleep Routine

For your child in care, there will be no more sleeping without alarms during weekdays for a good while. It may take some time, but sending them to bed early is your best bet for a productive day. It is generally known that getting the right amount of rest each night can give the body what it needs to function properly.

Create a Dialogue with Teachers

When you have the contact information of your foster child’s teacher, letting him or her know you have a foster child would be a great way to prepare the teacher for possible challenges. Chances are, the teacher will understand and be willing to work with your foster child to ensure they have a successful school year.

Get Involved

In addition to receiving progress reports, reach out to your foster child’s teacher to stay on top of how they are doing. Your foster child may be dealing with a number of distractions caused by previous experiences, so it’s in their best interest when you are aware of any hurdles he may need help overcoming. Arrange meetings with teachers and get as involved as you can.

Back to School Costs

Before you send your foster child off to school, the inevitable school shopping must take place. Here are a few tips to help avoid breaking the bank:

  • Make a list of what you need to buy and stick to your budget
  • It’s worth buying clothes a size larger than required for growing kids
  • Keep and eye out for sales throughout the year

Here are some deals and vouchers to help with preparing your foster child for back to school:

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5 Tips to Prepare for Back to School for Foster Children

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