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Back To School!

We’ve previously mentioned some of the things that matter most during the New Year for foster children, however we didn’t quite touch on everything: a major aspect we left out is going back to school!

So keep the following in mind and you’re already off to a great start:

You Decide The Bedtimes!
We’ve all been there: the earlier they learn, the better! Sleeping in late on weekdays is off the table now – at least until the next half term! Keeping them productive during their school day is the goal: sending them to bed early is the necessity. It goes without saying that all children need the right amount of sleep each and every night, without exception. If in doubt about what an age-range needs, just ask your social worker.

Clothes Make The Kid
Get them off to a flying start, by sending them to school in clothes they can be proud of. If that means mending parts of their uniform, or replacing anything that’s missing: you, as the legal guardian, are responsible for this – not the agency or school. And after all, that’s part of what the foster allowance is meant to cover.

Collaborate With Teachers
As every child is different, so are their educational and developmental requirements – and so is every teacher! On that note, the child’s teachers should already be aware of the fostering status, but it never hurts to check awareness. This is a great preventative measure to take against any potential slip-ups or misunderstandings which can be particularly sensitive for foster children in a new school.

Clarify Your Responsibilities
Last, but not least: you also don’t need to share absolutely every detail about your foster child with teachers. For example: they probably don’t need to know about the child’s background or birth parent situation. Again, if unsure, just ask your social worker what to share and what not to.

Remember, these are just a handful of suggestions – you could also volunteer at your foster child’s school, or get them involved in after-school activities, such as sports or anything else on offer. We’d also love to hear about any points we’ve missed out, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You could also check our frequently-asked questions.

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