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Can I foster If I Have Pets?

“Can I foster if I have pets?”

It’s a question we’re commonly asked.

For a child or young person in foster care, pets can become a valuable asset to their emotional wellbeing, trust and confidence.

The constant presence of a family pet can have an extremely calming influence on their behaviour and attitude, both around the home and within the wider local community. So, can you still foster if you have pets?

Yes, similar to the assessment process for yourself and the rest of your family, all family pets must also be assessed as part of your fostering application. As each animal is different in terms of their behaviour and temperament, here at Perpetual Fostering we’ll always make sure our decisions are done on a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, we’ll also be on hand to ensure having a pet doesn’t impact your ability to have a fantastic career as a foster carer with us. However, it’s vitally important that in all cases we consider the needs of the child as to whether it would be suitable to place them with a foster family who have pets, or a particular breed of dog, for example.

Children who are allergic to pets, scared of them or even have a history being aggressive towards them, are just some of the scenarios where it may not be possible to place foster children, as it’s all about finding the perfect fit.

Nevertheless, you can still apply to become a foster carer even if you have pets, but they will need to undergo an assessment to ensure they do not pose a threat to the children and young people in your care.

Pets and fostering: What are the benefits?

As stated above, dogs, cats and other domestic animals can become a valuable asset to the life of a foster child in many different ways. It’s probably because pets don’t have any sort of prejudice against a child or young person in foster care, nor do they have any knowledge into their history or reasons for entering the care system.

The unconditional love and friendship that a family pet can offer a foster child often acts as a permanent comfort blanket that helps to build up character and confidence with other family members and the rest of the outside world.

As an independent fostering agency, we understand there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding who can and can’t become a foster carer. Well, it’s therefore critical to remember that there are actually very few limitations that would stand in the way of a person joining our fostering family, even if they have pets or not.

If you would love to discover more about foster care requirements, the benefits of being a foster carer, or if you would like to know how you can start your rewarding journey, make sure you call us now on: 0845 074 0076

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