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Could Parent and Child Fostering Be For You?

Aside from being a rewarding and uplifting experience, parenting can still be an incredibly difficult time for some people. Whilst it’s always important never to judge or criticise an individual’s parenting abilities, we know that many mothers and fathers could benefit from an extra bit of love, guidance and support, especially when the going gets a little tough.

The sole purpose of parent and child fostering is to give vulnerable and often young parents the confidence to develop their skills and to strengthen their bond with a child. With the help and support of a foster parent, as well as an experienced independent fostering agency that cares deeply, a successful parent and child fostering placement is one that sees the relationship between parents and children quickly bloom into life.

Understanding Parent and Child foster Care

There are few limitations to becoming a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering, to which we’ll always be available to support, train and advise our passionate parent and child foster carers from the very start of their journey. We know full well that this type of fostering can be incredibly satisfying for anyone who wants to become involved.

Parent and child fostering is perfect for anybody who wants to undertake a nurturing and reassuring role within the fostering community. Many of the parents that require our support are often seen to be lacking from a level of consistency and direction, so being able to provide a safe and secure haven for parents to learn more about parenthood is critical. As a parent and child foster carer it’s also important that you’re patient, encouraging and willing to pass on any advice that may help new parents when it comes to looking after a child.

Rather than being an alternative to residential support, we as a fostering agency see the importance and various benefits that parent and child foster placements can bring about. Reinforcing the connection between parent and child is certainly something which can be seen as a result of this specialist type of placement, but practical skills such as how to hold and feed a young child can also be taught as well.

If the parents are especially young, a parent and child fostering placement will provide the perfect opportunity for them to continue with their studies, whilst still providing their child with the love, care and support that they require.

Interested in a parent and child fostering placement?

As a parent and child foster carer, you have a fantastic opportunity to improve and better the lives of both parent and child at what may appear to be a difficult time for them. You’ll not only be comforted by the heartwarming memories that you’ll make along the way, but you’ll be supported by our team of professional social workers throughout your fostering journey and be rewarded financially for your efforts.

If you’re interested in applying, or you would like to find out more information about becoming a parent and child foster parent, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

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