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Raising Awareness: The “It’s not okay” child sexual exploitation campaign

Tomorrow, Wednesday 13th May,  Project Phoenix are holding a Parents’ Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. Rolled out throughout Greater Manchester, the “It’s not okay” child sexual exploitation campaign involves public and third sectors partners including police, health, education, social care and beyond.

The campaign is supported from senior leaders within the area, and is targeted at parents to help raise awareness and provide information on what child sexual exploitation is and how to spot the tell-tale signs.

There will be two key events taking place throughout the day:

  • Various events including stalls, leaflets, banners, pr and media events across all divisions will take place, Manchester-wide, to raise awareness about the importance of Internet safety and the dangers of online grooming.
  • An ‘ask me anything’ webchat with a mum whose child was groomed by an older ‘friend’ will stream, so that other parents can ask questions and benefit from her difficult experience. A social worker and and expert from PACE UK (parents against child sexual exploitation) will also be present.

At Perpetual Fostering, we promote the provision of safe, stable environments for children and young people in both short and long term placements. Our focus is on high quality care with the safety, welfare, and wellbeing of our children as the highest priority.

If you are concerned about your child being sexually exploited or if you want to join the conversation and support the campaign, find out more from Project Phoenix here. You can also stay in the know on events and updates by following It’s not ok on Twitter or by finding them on Facebook.

For top tips and advice on how you can stay digitally diligent when it comes to online safety, check out our recent post on the blog “Staying Safe Online: Digital DOs and DON’Ts“. 

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