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Discovering Why Children In Foster Care Are Succeeding At School

Being a foster carer is an extremely exciting time for you and your family, especially when you can see a foster child becoming more familiar and self-assured in surroundings which were once unfamiliar to them.

As a leading independent fostering agency that continuously strives to support, encourage and motivate our foster carers, we understand the importance of education in relation to the positive development of children in foster care.

In fact, the Independent recently reported that a study conducted by the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol discovered that children in foster care now achieved higher than average GCSE grades.

One area in which the study focused upon was the safe and stable environments that foster children were being able to grow up in.

At Perpetual Fostering, this is a point of view that we certainly echo, as we pride ourselves in our ability to offer vulnerable children and young people a loving and caring foster family that will allow them to develop both inside and outside of the home.

Our specialised matching process

Whilst we’ll always allow our foster carers to have the final say on whether they would like to accept a placement or not, our specialised matching process is designed to ensure that the perfect fit is found.

Finding the perfect fit is not only crucial to the success of any long term fostering relationship, but it also provides a solid foundation that helps children in foster care to improve school attendance levels and grades.

A dedicated team providing round-the-clock support

We’re always here to help our foster families and we believe that a strong school environment is built upon the care, support and attention that we provide on a daily basis.

As a result of the training and guidance, as well as the safeguarding children in foster care courses that we provide all our foster carers, we have recently been commended by Ofsted on our low rates of disruption within the home and at school.

Aside from working closely with all existing and potential foster carers, we feel that a collaborative approach is also imperative with local schools and education providers to ensure that all foster children within our care are given the greatest opportunities to achieve.

Working in partnership with local schools

Naturally, we’ll try and make sure that a child has the ability to retain their place at the same school, as well as be on hand to supply teachers and school staff with as much information as they require.

In addition to this level of support, we also have our own virtual head who offers advice and support to foster parents surrounding the education curriculum and also strategies for enhancing education performance.

There are clearly many reasons why children in foster care are succeeding at school, to which we feel that the important work carried out by our big-hearted foster families to help children within our care become bright, confident and caring young people has played a massive role.

At Perpetual Fostering, we’re always on the lookout for more generous and enthusiastic people to join our fostering community. If you would love to find out more information about what fostering involves and the benefits of becoming a foster carer, don’t hesitate to apply online today.

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