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Does Being a Foster Parent affect my children?

Being a foster parent is a remarkable act of courage that can make a huge difference to the life of a child in need. Regardless of whether you already have your own children or not, becoming a foster carer with an agency as supportive and rewarding as Perpetual Fostering is extremely easy from the very start.

Being a foster parent will naturally involve your wider family, so if you decide to foster then it’s important to understand that your children are also fostering too. Better still, your whole family are then able to benefit from the gratifying and heartwarming experiences that fostering can bring.

We know that fostering is a big step for your family, and this is especially true if you already have children. Well, whatever your motivations might be as a foster carer, we’ll always recognise the influence of the whole family during the assessment process and this is the reason why every member of our foster families is made to feel valued and appreciated.

Having children involved in the fostering process can have many benefits

Having your own children involved in the fostering process can be of great benefit in helping the child or young person within your care have a sense of normality, companionship and friendship. We also believe that children in foster care get a great sense of belonging once they are able to relate to a family unit.

Yes, we all know that foster children may need time to get accustomed to their loving and caring homes, and there could be a couple of teething problems as they begin to interact with your own children, but this behaviour is perfectly natural.

Even biological siblings living with their birth parents don’t see eye to eye at every moment of the day, as they debate over who’s watching what and why they’re making so much noise.

It’s important to help your children understand their role

To help overcome any potential issues, our professional health and social workers are available to provide continuous help and support for your children in the exact same way that we do for our ‘primary’ foster carers.

We help the children of foster parents to understand their exact role within the foster family, as well as the typical thoughts and feelings that they’re likely to encounter from the very beginning of the journey. For example, we teach young people about the added pressures that they may start to feel as they become positive role models for foster children.

We often discuss the thoughts they may feel when the foster child eventually moves on. Although moving on doesn’t mean not staying in touch, but by showing the incredible progress being made by a foster child can help to bring great satisfaction to the previous foster family.

There is no doubt that being a foster parent is a wonderful act of kindness, but at the same time we know your child’s safety and well being is your still your fundamental priority.

Finding the perfect match, being able to offer valuable support and safeguarding your children is how we help to ensure that becoming a foster carer is an uplifting and valuable experience for you, your children and the young people within your care.

If you would like to find out more about being a foster parent with Perpetual Fostering, contact a friendly and experienced member of our team today.

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