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Family days out in the countryside

Autumn is a fantastic season to get out and about in the British countryside and discover special wildlife. Being outdoors is also a great way to improve your family’s physical and mental wellbeing – physical activities involving an environmental experience (green exercise) appear to be a sustainable way to improve public health. During green exercise, physical exertion becomes an unnoticed secondary benefit from the enjoyable primary activity of being outdoors.

Discovering different wildlife may be of interest to your foster children as they may have never done such activities previously.

Here are some ideas for wildlife and nature walks with your family:

Red Squirrel trails in Formby, Liverpool

Formby is one of the top places for squirrel spotting. They come out first thing in the morning to eat – look out for the feeders in the trees as this is often a good place to catch a glimpse of these shy creatures.

Seal Spotting Walks in St David’s Peninsula, Pembrokeshire

This 6 mile walk takes you over Wales’ oldest rocks – laid down some 600 million years ago during the pre-Cambrian era. The route also goes past Seal Bay, which lives up to its name in autumn when the pups are being born on the shore.

Deer Rut Rambles in Attingham Park, Shropshire

One of nature’s most spectacular sights is the autumn deer rut. See if you can sport the deer rutting during this easy two mile walk. Explore the changing colours of the orange-gold trees that mark the start of the woodland, and take in the views over the open landscape to the river.

Birdwatching at Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire

Each year over 250,000 seabirds flock to the cliffs between Bempton and Flamborough, many to find a mate and raise their young. You can get close to the action from six, safe cliff-edge viewing platforms.

See Dartmoor’s Wild Ponies at Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Soak in the peacefulness of the walking trails in Dartmoor National Park and be amazed at the sign of the beautiful wild ponies that roam the land. It will definitely be a treat for your children!

Birdwatching at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

As well as a grand Baroque mansion, Calke has secret walled gardens and a large parkland, much of which is a National Nature Reserve. Birds of prey such as hobbies, buzzards and red kites can all be seen here, along with woodland birds such as woodpeckers and tree creepers.

To read more about different nature walks, click the following links:

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