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Father’s Day Fun!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st! And on that note, we’ve got a post with a few reminders for all those foster kids out there. So if you’re a carer reading this, make sure you share it with your foster kids ahead of time. Let’s make it a day to remember!

Let Him Have A Lie-In!
As a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering, he’s obviously a caring and hardworking person. Aside from his job during weekdays, remember that each and every day of the week, he also helps to take care of you. So he deserves a rest! He works hard during the week, so why not let him have a few extra hours off at the weekend to relax?

…Followed by Breakfast in Bed
If you have someone to help you, why not make him breakfast in bed, like scrambled eggs and the works? Or if not, some toast and a cup of tea is always enough – it’s the thought that really counts.

…Then Present Your Gift
Hopefully you’ve already got a present for him sorted out, but if not, don’t worry – there’s still time! Get him something he’ll enjoy – it doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Even a handmade card would be special! Just be sure to wrap it up just like you would for a birthday, or at Christmas time.

Let Him Watch the Football
Whatever time of day it’s on – morning, afternoon or evening – let him watch something that he really enjoys. And while you leave him to it, make sure you do something worthwhile with your time. Go outside and get some exercise, or read a book – at least for the full length of the game!

Say Thank You
Above all, remember to thank your superhero foster Dad for everything he does for you! You only get one day every year to do so, so make it count!

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