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Including Foster Children In The Festive Season

We know it’s keeping everyone busy at the moment, so we’re happy to be continuing our yuletide theme! This week we’ve been thinking about what to do around the house with foster children, especially if your home environment is new to them. It goes without saying that you’ll need to roll out the red carpet when welcoming them in.

Decorate their Room for Christmas!
We’ve previously spoken about the importance of decorating a child’s room. At the very least, accommodate their input into decorations, and make the space feel much more their own. This doubly applies at Christmas time. Remember: the space alone is a fantastic gift, so why not go the extra mile and personalise it? And don’t forget to involve them in decorating the whole house. Communal activities and achievements work wonders for foster children; they’ll feel at home in no time.

Cook Some Festive Treats
There are plenty of special Christmas recipes that many adults can’t get their heads round, so help your foster children get ahead! Teach them how to make any or all of the following:

• mince pies
• stuffing
• Christmas pudding
• a gingerbread house – and help them build and decorate it with icing

An advantage of some of these recipes is that they take time and dedication, requiring several steps before they’re even close to finished. This can provide some valuable lessons for foster children, and reward sustained effort.

Get Them Filling Christmas Stockings
Little Christmas traditions like these help build up to the bigger picture of Christmas. Stockings also demonstrate the importance of giving at this time of year, as well as how to give to different people. If you can, share some valuable skills such as wrapping gifts properly – something everyone can enjoy and participate in! Just don’t forget to give them a stocking of their own!

Last but not Least, the Christmas Tree
Of course, no child’s Christmas is complete without a little time going into decorating a tree. This is as much a ritual as anything, and if they’ve never done it before, you’re giving them a chance to take part in this special process.

With activities like the above, there are multiple benefits. You reinforce in them a sense of achievement, and you also give them a way to express their abilities and sensibilities. Above all, the bigger picture is you assuring them that they are being included in the family activities, and that their contribution matters. The best part is, if the child comes from a different religious background, that gives you and your children the opportunity to learn, and everyone is enriched.

If you’re not already excited, we hope this helps get you in the spirit of Christmas cheer as much as we are. Find out why you should consider becoming a foster carer, or get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

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