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Your first step in becoming a foster carer is an easy one

There are a variety of reasons why people consider becoming a foster carer. When the idea first strikes it can seem like a hugely fulfilling and rewarding prospect. 

After taking the time to think it through properly, however, it is only natural you begin to start asking more questions about what fostering is really like, how would you go about applying, how you would be compensated financially, etc.

These thoughts can mount up and start swirling around your mind. At this point, before you have spoken to anyone, the whole process can seem a little bit daunting – this is normal.

If you have lots of questions it is actually a good sign. What this says is you really are interested in fostering and are ready to take the first step.

The first step: Get your questions answered

Taking this first step is actually very simple and yet vital in determining whether you ultimately decide to foster. You can research fostering on the Internet but the easiest way to get all your questions answered is to speak to a social worker at an agency like Perpetual Fostering.

It doesn’t involve you having to make any kind of commitment and it certainly doesn’t involve any hard sell. However, by simply picking up the phone or by emailing you can have any queries or doubts answered immediately.

We are well used to fielding questions from people interested in becoming foster carers. The first question usually is “do you think I could do it?” Well I can answer that here. If you are a genuinely caring person then you can, as all the tools and support you’ll need are provided for you. There are only a few preventative factors which can an impact on who can foster but a quick conversation can resolves these factors.

The next step: Choose your agency

This first step can actually be a good test to see how you proceed to the next. How an agency behaves before you apply can be a very good indicator of how supportive that agency will be post application. You will want to ensure they are helpful from the off and be reassured they really will be with you every step of the way.

At Perpetual Fostering we will always make ourselves available, and if you want more questions answered in greater detail we will arrange for a social worker to visit you and your family at your home. We can also arrange for you to talk with one of our existing foster carers if you wish. Some agencies may think this as a little bizarre but at Perpetual we believe in nurturing a supportive community of foster carers. It can also be an advantage to get an independent point of view.

We are only ever a phone call away at Perpetual Fostering, so if you do have any questions please do get in touch and let us answer your questions.

* Perpetual Fostering is currently recruiting nationwide – read more here.

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