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Foster Care Eligibility

Do you have what it takes to take someone under foster care?

Foster care is rewarding and it feels good too but it can be challenging sometimes. It takes real patience to handle foster children with the love they deserve. This article provides some basic guidelines which you can check and see whether or not you are suitable to handle foster care. It is not a definitive list but gives a basic idea of what things you need to look for before deciding to take foster care.

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  • Fostering is not the same as adoption. Unlike adoption where you become the legal guardian of a child, fostering involves caring for a child for a matter of weeks – or maybe several years.
  • You will undergo screening and training before you can start fostering. Carers need specific skills and abilities to help children deal with some of the more challenging issues, and parents are expected to maintain high standards whilst children are in their care.
  • Foster parents receive some financial benefits in return for the care they give, but groups are lobbying the government to see foster parents given a proper wage, and all this entails.
  • When choosing a foster family, authorities aim to match families with their foster children as much as possible. Families are also selected by geographical location – as near as possible to the child’s home – so ask your local authority about the fostering needs in your borough.
  • If the going gets rough, you won’t be alone – all foster parents have both a support worker and a social worker allocated to their case, so there’s always an experienced person to turn to.


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During your lunch break, or the time you spend checking Facebook, another child will come into care. Right now, that child is thinking: 'Who cares?' More Videos
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