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The national shortage of foster carers has to be addressed

There a significant shortage of foster carers nationally and this has to be urgently addressed.

On average 30,000 children come into the UK care system each year. To meet that need, care services have been required to recruit another 8,600 families foster carers – 7,000 in England.

Filling this shortfall is made even harder by the fact that around 12% of foster carer’s retire from fostering each year.

In response independent fostering agencies, like Perpetual Fostering, do what we can to raise awareness of this need – and then help and support people as they take their first steps into fostering.

This is a short animation we produced to help demonstrate this need.

People of all backgrounds are required to fill the shortage – which is particularly acute when it comes to providing care for siblings, teenagers and disabled children.

It is common when a placement for a sibling group cannot be found that they become separated. Almost two thirds of looked-after siblings say they have been separated from their brothers or sisters at some point while they have been in care.

There is also a huge number of teenagers in need of foster care, around 38,000 looked-after children in England are aged 10 or older. While around 2,000 children with disabilities are in care because their parents couldn’t support their needs.

Could you foster?

Almost a quarter say they would foster either now or in the future.

Unfortunately not that many actually do. We know it is not an easy decision to make and there are many questions that need answering first.

That’s where our support team can step in. We can explain the whole process and the support made available to foster carers.

This support is substantial, involving training, professional assistance and financial packages which are allowing people to make a career switch and take up fostering full time.

We are here to help so, no matter what stage you are at in your fostering journey, please get in touch. We can be contacted through our website or by calling 0845 0740076.

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