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Foster carers need support with or without a placement

Foster care payments are a vital means of supporting the fostering community. They enable people to foster full time and offer the level of care we all strive for.

However, payment is just one element of support which foster carers should receive. Every applicant with Perpetual Fostering receives training that continues through the assessment period and after they are approved as a foster carer.

A foster carer should expect to receive continual training from their agency – we actually encourage and help all our community to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. As foster carers progress along their developmental pathway this is also recognise in the reward element of the foster care payments they receive.

Without a placement

We also believe that support should be provided not just when a child is placed within your care, but also during the times you do not have a placement. While we do not pay a fostering allowance at this time, we believe it is important that foster carers still receive the highest level of support available. Our values are built around the ethos of offering support at all times and we make a pledge to be with you every step of the way, not just when a placement has been made.

Alongside this our social work team will work proactively to ensure that you are matched to another child at the earliest convenience. As a provider on the North West and Lancashire Framework contracts, the agency currently receives in excess of 150 placements referrals every month so we do not anticipate a delay in making your next placement. What is important is that during the times without a placement, you take time to recharge your batteries and get ready to do what you do well… care for a child.

In certain circumstances, the agency may pay a retainer fee for a period of time after a placement ends. This is considered at that time and your supervising social worker will discuss this with you.


The support we provide to foster carers also extends to respite. In additional to the fostering allowance, paid on a fortnightly basis, foster carers with Perpetual Fostering receive a respite payment. This payment will cover 54 weeks (2 extra weeks) in a year. Providing you do not use our respite facilities, the extra money is for you to do with as you choose, it may be that you want to put this towards the family holiday.

There is a huge amount of support available beyond the foster care payment and if you would like more information about this please pick up the phone and speak to one of our team, or alternative get in touch via our website. We are happy to help whether you are simply at the information gathering stage or interested in applying to become a foster carer.


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