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Foster carers should access professional support whenever they need it

Christine Pooley is a registered nurse and clinical lead at Perpetual Fostering


At Perpetual Fostering we take great pride in being part of a network which ensures our foster carers get the backing they need.

It is in times of need when my role as Clinical Lead at Perpetual Fostering often comes into the equation. I am here for foster carers to talk to about any issues or problems they might be having. Our social workers are, of course, also here to provide advice and guidance in regards to fostering children, but if foster carers are ever feeling tired, stressed or unwell in themselves, then they can talk to me.

We British do tend to have a stiff upper lip approach to life. It’s all let’s not grumble – just keep calm and carry on.

This approach maybe admirable but it is not always practical. There are moments in life when we are unwell, or we have suffered an injury, and we need a little help. At these times it is essential we have a support network around us to provide that assistance.

We believe it is important to ensure the health of foster carers at all times – this is part of our holistic approach to their support. After all, if our carers are feeling 100% then they will be in a better position to help their foster children.

It’s good to talk

Sometimes foster carers just need to have a chat about things as everyone can get anxious when something significant is happening in their life.

Foster caring is no small thing, and a new placement can mean a big change, so it may be that they just need to offload. If there is a more serious issue, then by talking with me we can also identify this early and deal with it. If it is significant – it could be a health problem, a financial issue, something happening in the family such as a bereavement or illness – then I can also ensure the right specialist help is made available, via a GP or a counsellor for instance.

Some people don’t want to trouble others with their problems and have a ‘keep on trucking’ attitude, but we don’t believe that is always the right approach and that’s why we are always available to offer professional support for foster carers as needed.

To find out more about the professional support available through Perpetual Fostering please get in touch with our team and have them answer your questions. You can do this by either contacting us through the website or by calling 0845 0740076.

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