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Foster Families

Some information on what are foster families

Different types of families exist in our society. There are some fortunate ones who live with both their parents. In some cases, however, the children may be living with either parent for several different reasons. Some families have this setting where the children move back and forth between their mother and father’s places. Some children only live with their grandparent or grandparents; again for various reasons. There is another type of family, though; which is known as foster family. Foster family is basically a family where the child goes to stay because he or she cannot stay with their birth parents or relatives due to some special circumstances. This article sheds light on foster parenting and provides some details about the whole procedure.

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What Are Foster Families?

The word “foster” means to help someone (or something) grow and develop. It also means to take care of someone’s needs. Foster parents, are people — other than a kid’s parents — who give a kid a safe place to live and grow. Foster parents take kids into their homes and take care of them for as long as kids need. Together, they become a foster family.

Why Do Kids Live with Foster Families?

Most often, a kid goes into a foster family because his or her mom or dad has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Other times, a parent may be very sick, in jail, or have some other trouble. The parents may need so much help with their own problems that they aren’t able to focus on what the kid needs. Kids who are being abused or neglected by a parent go to live with a foster parent so they can be safe and protected.

How long a kid stays with a foster family depends on the situation. Sometimes it is just overnight, or for a short time, until the kid’s parent or another relative can care for him properly. Sometimes kids stay longer in foster families, for a few months or even several years.

What Happens When a Kid Goes to a Foster Family?

Going to live with a foster family means a lot of changes — not all of them bad ones. It can feel good for the kid to be in a calm, new place. But there are challenges, too. It may be tough getting adjusted to foster parents and the rules they have at their house. There may be other children in the family to get to know.

Living with a foster family also may mean going to a new school. New classmates, new teachers, and new rules — so many things can be different all at once!

What Do Caseworkers Do?

Caseworkers, also called social workers, are people who work for the foster family program. Their job is to make sure kids are doing OK, and to help them adjust to the changes of being in a foster family. The caseworker makes a plan that describes what kind of help the kid’s original family needs so that they all can be together again. Also, the caseworker checks on how everyone is doing and arranges for the kid to visit with his or her mom or dad — and his or her brothers and sisters if they aren’t living in the same foster home.

Everyone hopes that the kid can eventually leave foster care and return to his or her family. A family can get back together when caseworkers, the courts, and others agree that the family’s problems are being worked out. Parents also must show that they are ready to do their job and take good care of their children.

Reviewer: D’Arcy Lyness, PhD

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