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An exhilarating, but ultimately
fulfilling experience.
Cathy and Karen

Cathy and Karen’s Story

Cathy and Karen had already raised children of their own and cared for members of their extended family before becoming foster carers. They had also both previously been employed in jobs which involved working with people who were vulnerable and had complex needs. These experiences encouraged Cathy and Karen to look into how they could also care for others. After conducting research into fostering on the Internet, they contacted Perpetual to talk through their options and, following a meeting with one our social workers, decided to apply.

Since being placed with Cathy and Karen ‘the progress that has been made is remarkable’ – the local authority social worker

The outcomes

After an assessment period, Cathy and Karen were approved as foster carers and have been fostering a 12 year-old boy for more than a year. They now consider him to be a member of their family and have taken him on a number of family holidays abroad.

Their support has helped with his transition into high school life and Cathy and Karen hope to continue their support as he moves into his teenage years. Their dedication has produced fantastic results and the child’s local authority social worker reports that since being placed with Cathy and Karen ‘the progress that has been made is remarkable’.  Cathy and Karen describe their placement as having been, ‘exhilarating, exasperating, a whole range of experiences rolled into one, but ultimately fulfilling’.

The Perpetual community

Cathy and Karen are also active members of the Perpetual Fostering community. All our foster carers are encouraged to support each other and come together regularly through forums and social activities. Cathy and Karen now act as mentors to new carers within the community.

Their advice to new foster carers would be: “If you have children of your own, don’t compare your foster child with them, always treat them as an individual in their own right and remember why you are fostering and why the child is with you”.

New children are coming into the care system all the time and more carers like Cathy and Karen are needed. If you feel you could be a carer please get in touch and make an initial enquiry.

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