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Elaine and Naresh

Elaine and Naresh’s Story

Elaine and Naresh were in their mid to late forties when they decided to foster. Feeling fortunate to have had already raised children of their own, they wanted the opportunity to help others. Elaine decided, after enjoying a successful career in banking, she was going to give up her job and become a carer full time.

“We’ve been extremely lucky to have a close-knit family and to have brought up our own beautiful and talented children.  We just wanted to give something back”

Becoming foster carers

Elaine and Naresh wanted to learn more about what was involved in fostering so contacted Perpetual. After a brief initial chat they decided to meet with our social workers and discussed the process. Confident the decision to go forward was the right one, they decided to apply.  “I’ve always thought about fostering.  It was learning more about these children that made us more determined to do it,” says Elaine.

After applying to Perpetual Fostering, Elaine and Naresh underwent a six month assessment period, which included checks on their medical history, finances and their family members. “It can be very intrusive and you probably think you will never get through it but it’s worth it,” says Elaine.  “But then fostering can be quite challenging at times and they need to do checks”.

The outcome

Elaine and Naresh now look after two siblings who have been with them for nearly four years.  After settling into their home life both children are doing fantastically well at school. This is all down to the hard work and dedication of Elaine and Naresh.

Although Elaine says it can be difficult to let a child go, she believes this should not stop anyone from fostering. “Yes it is hard but I would say that’s not a valid reason for not doing what you can to help these children.  If you can make their lives happy for the time they are with you, you should concentrate on that,” she said.

With new children coming into the care system all the time, more carers like Elaine and Naresh are needed. If you feel you could be a carer please get in touch and make an initial enquiry.

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