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The Perpetual Team: Get To Know Us – Part 1

This time round we wanted to introduce some of our very own superheroes, who work so hard behind the scenes, keeping everything ticking over and making our fostering agency work so well – say hello to some of our team!

Paula McGeein – Supervising Social Worker

What has changed about fostering during your experience?
There has been a significant change in legislation, known as the ‘Staying Put’ guidance, enabling children to stay with their carers until the age of 21.

What do you look for in successful foster carers?
Good people and communication skills, personable and welcoming demeanour, open-minded. I would also look closely at whether they would have the caring kind of approach required to be a foster carer, alongside their flexibility and level of emotional stability.

What inspired you to work in fostering?
I always hope to contribute to an improved quality of life for vulnerable children. Working for an agency, I feel enabled to achieve this, whilst working alongside likeminded people who also aspire to supporting children.

What is a common misconception about fostering that you have observed?
In my time at Perpetual, I believe the most common misconception from potential foster carers is the extremity of challenges which fostering can present.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
If I had a super power, it would be one of two things. Either a sixth sense, enabling me to sense intuitively whether an applicant would be an effective foster carer, or to be able to sense if something untoward was happening within a foster placement – both are about keeping children safe! But then I’d also like to be able to clone myself, so I could be here, there and everywhere to get everything done, I suppose making me a super social worker!!

Matilda Midzi – Supervising Social Worker

What has changed about fostering during your experience?
Fostering has become more of a career, and less about what people would like to do out of the kindness of their heart.

What do you look for in successful foster carers?
In the successful foster carer, I would see a grounded, realistic and non-judgmental person, who is accepting of people from all walks of life. They should not expect a foster child to be grateful for all their hard work, but be prepared to give and give without expecting anything in return. They should also be resilient and have plenty of patience – not easily phased or offended. A sense of humour doesn’t hurt either!

What inspired you to work in fostering?
Working for a fostering agency means I can give something back and make a difference. It means I can do my best to ensure that foster carers provide a very high standard of care. It also entails working with carers to place vulnerable children in a family environment – one in which they’re not disregarded or seen as outsiders. I hope to bring a sense of normality, and of belonging to the lives of looked-after children.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
I don’t need one – my hubby is my superhero!!

We hope this post helps you get to know us – that was Paula and Matilda! Keep your eyes open for the next part, where we’ll introduce more of our team.

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