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Getting The Approval to Be a Foster Parent

What to do once you have decided to be a foster parent

Fostering is good and is quite rewarding too. Choosing the right foster service is the first most important step for this. Once you have decided the service you are going to go with, the next step is to contact them to make your enquiry. You can discuss the details of the foster care and also the service can learn more about you. Afterwards, you can ask the foster service to assess you.

Interested in being a foster parent? Here is what you need to know!

If you are keen to progress your enquiry, you can ask to be assessed to foster by the service. You will be asked to complete an application form and a social worker will be assigned to begin a detailed assessment as to whether you are suitable and the type of children you could foster.

You will also be invited to attend training, giving you the skills to foster, taking place on a combination of four to five evenings and/or weekends, depending on your fostering service.

The assessment can take around four to five months to complete. Your assessor will submit a full report to the fostering panel who will consider your suitability to foster. The fostering panel will make a recommendation about your approval to the fostering service.

On average, the journey to approval can take around eight months from your first enquiry. This can seem like a long time, but fostering services need to make sure you are suitable, and prepare you as best as possible, to foster a child or young person in your local community.

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