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Good News From The British Assessment Bureau

Following on from our ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted – from their report published earlier this year – we’ve got more great news for our family of social workers and foster carers.

We’ve achieved the ISO9001 registration from the British Assessment Bureau!

What this means for our carers – and those thinking of joining our family – is important. This is official recognition that we strive to provide the highest quality of care possible, and that our quality of service reinforces this. As an independent fostering agency, we always have and always will strive to provide a solid service in safeguarding children – alongside tireless support for our carers. Both of these points remain our main areas of focus in our day-to-day work.

It’s great to see that our collective experience within fostering services has helped us grow solidly and steadily from our start in 2005. The bureau describes how we are now one of the most recognised and effective fostering agencies in the North of England – that we “provide excellent fostering placements for vulnerable children and young people” throughout our region.

We’re delighted to see official recognition of our commitment to providing the most effective fostering services possible. As we mentioned, we’ve always believed in a high quality solution – from referral to placement.

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