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Having A Happy Halloween With Your Foster Children

Becoming a foster carer with an independent fostering agency like Perpetual Fostering is a fantastic way of giving a child a chance in life, and to see their faces light up with smiles, laughter and amazement this Autumn.

Whilst being an extremely heartwarming and humbling experience, foster parenting is never easy, especially at a time when traditions such as Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner.

As foster children are from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances, you may have a dilemma on your hands when it comes to taking part in such events. In fact, most foster children may have never celebrated Halloween or Bonfire Night before.

We know that it’s natural for all foster parents to encourage their children to join in with seasonal traditions. Not only does it help to provide a sense of normality for each family, they’re also a great way of helping foster children become more confident and to create some happy and long lasting memories.

Even as adults, moving skeletons, scary masks and the sound of screaming and fireworks may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but for foster children who have previously been exposed to difficult backgrounds, such sights and sounds may be very frightening on a dark, cold night.

Well, turning your Halloween celebration from a haunting and spooky evening into something fun and more suitable is extremely easy to do:

Talk About Halloween

Don’t just go ahead and begin telling your favourite ghost stories! Instead, talking to your children about Halloween can be a fantastic way of helping to alleviate their existing fears and anxiety.

Foster children do have different levels of awareness around traditional events, so being able to talk to them about Halloween and Bonfire Night can be a great way of aiding your understanding of them. Regardless of their experiences, you should always be supportive and patient.

Celebrate The Whole Season

Halloween isn’t all about getting dressed up in a scary costume to go trick-or-treating, there are many other, more creative ways you can help to celebrate it as a foster family. How about a silly faces pumpkin carving competition, or hosting a pumpkin patch scavenger hunt in your garden?

Oh, and nothing beats the smell of freshly baked parkin, so why not get your children involved with this as well?

Choose Non-scary Halloween Stories & Films

Believe it or not, there are plenty of traditional stories and movies that you could introduce your foster children during Halloween. As they’re based on folklore and the history of Halloween, they can be a great way of exposing all children to the real meaning and traditions behind the celebration.

At Perpetual Fostering, our team of trained and talented social workers are very experienced, so we have the ability to provide you with support, advice and ideas on how best to celebrate these seasonal events as a family.

To hear the insights of other foster carers who are in the exact same position as you, our fantastic fostering community and forum is a great way of being able to discuss and confide with other carers about these issues.

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