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How School Life Can Benefit Foster Children

Taking a foster child into your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do for a child who is unable to live with their birth parents. As an independent fostering agency that is here to help, support and train our foster carers from day one, we know that the secret to a successful fostering placement is not confined to the home.

We are extremely passionate about providing all foster children with a sense of normality and continuity, as this helps to make a child become a lot more comfortable and confident within their surroundings. We often see school life as being one of the most effective ways of achieving this level of stability.

Foster Children in School

For all children and young people, school can offer the comfort of a familiar place amongst a sea of scary changes. Here at Perpetual Fostering we share this view, and it’s the sole reason why we’ll always ensure that every foster child has the chance to retain their place at school.

Given we look after children from right across the North West and Midlands area, it is important that we have a range of carers from across the areas to enable us to cover all school provisions.

We strongly believe that routine and consistency can be promoted within the school environment by having a healthy school attendance. As a result of the encouragement and support that we constantly provide to all our foster families, it has been recognised that our foster children now benefit from having improved school attendance levels.

In addition to the reassurance and guidance offered by our experienced social workers and wider fostering community, we also feel that success within the school environment is dependent on all foster children having a safe, secure and stable placement.

As a result, our unique matching process is designed to ensure that we find the perfect fit to help benefit the long term relationship of all our foster families and children.

Supporting involvement within the school environment

For life at school to be successful for foster children, it is not only important that willingness is shown to help retain each child’s place at a particular school, unless it’s within their best interest not to, but there should also be continuous support and interest from all individuals involved to ensure that it is effective in the long run. Our virtual head provides advice and support to foster carers to ensure this is maintained.

More specifically, we work closely with local schools and colleges to make sure that all education professionals are fully equipped with the advice and information they require to help all foster children succeed. By doing so, we can help to limit potential behavioural problems, improve attendance levels and allow each child to achieve their academic potential.

Naturally, all foster parents will have a considerable interest in their child’s performance at school or college, and as leading independent fostering agency, this is something that we actively support and recommend.

Enthusiastic parents that aim to stay in regular contact with teachers and school support workers with regards to academic achievements and any behavioural issues, are likely to benefit from a happy and thriving relationship with their foster children, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Other ways in which we see that a healthy school life can be developed by our foster carers is by being on hand to help out with homework and to encourage children to partake in extra-curricular clubs and activities.

At Perpetual Fostering we take the role of education very seriously. With the help, support and training that we constantly provide to local schools, as well as our foster families and children, we often find that a stable and successful school life can easily be achieved.

If you would like to receive more information about joining a fostering agency that truly cares about their foster carers, then don’t hesitate to speak to an experienced member of our team today.

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