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How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox with your Foster Child

Tuesday 20th March is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Though traditionally a Wiccan holiday,  the day simply marks the beginning of Spring (or Autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere), and is celebrated widely throughout the world. The Equinox itself is the moment when the sun seems to ‘stand still’ directly above the equator, and this will happen at 4:15 PM in the UK. Day and night will be almost equal lengths on Tuesday, and from then the days will get longer and the nights shorter as we move towards summer.

Everybody loves longer days, especially kids; more daylight means more time to play! So why not make a special day of it, and celebrate the Spring Equinox with your foster child? There are lots of different ways you can get involved and celebrate the beginning of Spring together. Here are our top ideas.

Get outside

The most obvious idea is to get outside and enjoy the sunlight. If you can, collect the kids from school and spend some time in the great outdoors. You could go to the park or even go for a nice walk in the forest or on a hiking trail.

Or, why not treat them to a picnic dinner? Have a special treat to eat or drink to mark the time when the Equinox happens, and toast to the beginning of the new season.

Plant some seeds

Spring is the perfect time for new life to bloom, so why not encourage your kids to connect with nature by planting some seeds, and taking care of them as they bloom into flowers? If you have a back garden, corner off a small section that they can call their own, and if not, get a plant pot they can use indoors, and let them choose what kind of flower or plant they want to grow there. The digging and planting will be fun, and they should enjoy the process of watering them and watching them grow.

Get crafty

If it’s raining outside (let’s be honest, it’s Spring in the UK), why not spend some time doing arts and crafts indoors? Challenge the kids to think of ways to decorate the house for Spring, and help them with the tricky bits.

Craft ideas could include drawing or creating spring chicks; sun-catchers; or even Shamrocks to tie-in with St. Patrick’s Day. Or you could get a head start on your Easter decorations, and have fun painting some hard-boiled eggs.

For a number of different Spring craft ideas, click here.

Have a Spring Feast

You could celebrate the day by having an extra special dinner and turning it into a Spring Feast. Let the kids choose what dishes to include (with maybe a little gentle direction towards healthier options), and have them help out in the kitchen. You could even make a special treat for desserts, such as a sponge cake or chocolate cornflake/rice crispy cakes. They’re super simple and kids have so much fun making them… especially when they get to lick the chocolate off the spoon afterwards!

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