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How To Help Foster Children Be Creative

At Perpetual Fostering we know that there are many factors which determine how successful a foster placement will be, but we feel one of the most important is that the child is given the opportunity to develop their own identity.

Understanding how to help foster children be creative not only helps them to not only occupy their free time in a positive way, but also give them a sense of direction and a true feeling of accomplishment.

A child may come to you with several interests and hobbies already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand on these and bring out even more of your foster child’s inner creator.

It’s always important to take interest in the child’s current activities and interests, so try to build on what they already know and love.

Of course some foster children might not open up to such questions easily, so if you find yourself struggling to get into their creative world then there’s still something you can do.

Taster sessions and new after-school activities

There are plenty of clubs and groups which offer taster sessions for children, and if it’s not for them there’s no harm done. Add to this the plethora of after-school activities which are on offer at most schools, and you’ll see there are many opportunities for children to be creative.

It is also wise to be patient with a child who seems to give up new activities quickly praising them for the smallest of achievements is a great way to keep them motivated in new activities.

The importance of building on their initial interests

When you’ve established that your child has an interest, it’s critical that your child is supported as much as possible.

This may involve small expenses for equipment and supplies, dedicating your free time to take them back and forth to classes, or helping to make a space for their creativity to blossom.

The word opportunity is the key here, because giving children the chance to experiment, try, and even fail at activities helps them decide what they like, what they’re good at, and who they want to be.

Being a foster parent is about enjoying the wonderful life you’re about to carve out with a child who is trying to find their way in the world.

What we do here at Perpetual Fostering

Our team at Perpetual Fostering understands that creative activities help foster parents bond and get to know their child better than anything, which is why we were so proud to have been singled out by Ofsted for our work in this area in our recent report.

As a leading independent fostering agency, we feel that it is important for all children within our care to feel involved and be given opportunities to express themselves. For example, we often hold annual summer camps, picnic barbecues and coffee mornings, as well as give our young people the chance to partake in more high-octane activities such as rock climbing.

We strive to support, train, and encourage foster carers to build these creative relationships, because we’ve seen how much good it does for both foster parent and child.

Creativity has been described as the power to connect the seemingly unconnected, and if that doesn’t offer up a fantastic metaphor for foster care then we don’t know what does!

If you would like more advice on how to encourage your child’s creativity or you’d like to start your fostering journey with us, get in touch with our team today on 0845 074 0076.

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