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How to Prepare a Foster Care Bedroom

This article explains how you can prepare a foster care bedroom

Preparing a home suitable for foster care can be a difficult task. If you want to be allowed for foster care, your house needs to be certified and for that, you need to get it ready. This article provides some tips to prepare a bedroom for foster care. If you wish to prepare such a bedroom yourself, follow the same pattern this article provides, so that you can also prepare a great foster bedroom.

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With over a week off of work, I’ve been working on de-cluttering our house, particularly the extra bedroom, preparing it for foster care and for the kids that our agency will send our way! It is so exciting! This room has been many things over the years:  a nursery for Spencer, a shared bedroom for both boys, a “guest” room (though we never had a spare bed in there, just an air mattress – much to the chagrin of our guests!), and a game room.

Foster Caring Bedroom

We decided to purchase gray bedding for the beds for the in-between stage. Gray is so chic (yeah, I said chic) and looks great with almost every colour! So depending on the age and gender of the kids.


On the dresser, which had been upstairs in the bonus/play room (kind of randomly holding craft supplies), I have a little basket with some toiletries, new toothbrushes, an extra throw blanket, extra nightlights, and a few other things, including the book Maybe Days, which my parents gave us at Christmas.

Foster Caring Bedroom

This week we’ll be finishing up the beds and also my clothing stash. I have so many friends (Renee, Carrie, Rachel, and Angela) who have blessed us with hand-me-downs for the boys and now our future foster children!

Author: Krista

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