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Is Respite Foster Care Suitable For Me?

When it comes to fostering, we understand that to get the best out of our fostering community, as well as the children and young people within our care, a one-size-fits-all mentality will not provide much benefit.

In fact, the foster care placements we provide are designed to meet the individual needs and specific requirements of both our foster carers and the children they care for. It’s all part of the specialised matching process that we like to call finding the ‘perfect fit’.

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    Our experienced fostering community will certainly tell you that being a foster carer is one of the most enjoyable, remarkable and rewarding decisions that anyone can ever make in their lifetime, but for someone who is new to the world of fostering, we know that you’ll have quite a few burning questions on your mind during the assessment process.

    Understanding the different types of foster care

    With so many different terms flying around, being able to understand the different types of foster care and finding one that is suitable for you and your family is very important. In addition to providing you with far-reaching support and advice at every corner of your fostering journey, your social worker will also be able to explain each type of foster placement, so we can help you achieve the perfect fit.

    What is respite foster care?

    Alongside long-term, short-term and emergency foster care, respite foster care is often one of the most talked about types of fostering. Respite foster care is largely a short-term foster placement ranging from just a weekend, the duration of the school holidays or even a few weeks, to which the main aim is to support a child or young person that is currently placed with another foster family, or even their birth parents.

    Generally speaking, the main reason for the existence of respite foster care is to allow the original foster family, birth parents or foster child to take a break and to recharge their batteries. Respite fostering may also be required if it’s not adequate to include a foster child in the travel plans of their foster family, for example.

    How do I become a respite foster carer?

    Being an independent fostering agency we’re determined to ensure all children and young people in our care are provided with longer-term foster placements that not only help to reduce the levels of placement disruption, but also allow them to gain a greater sense of stability and cohesion in their lives.

    However, we recognise respite foster care is still extremely important to the long-term development of foster children, by allowing their parents or carers access to a sophisticated support network that will ultimately improve the quality of care being offered. Respite foster care also enables foster families to enrich the lives of children and young people on a short-term basis.

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    Each new approved application to join us will receive up to a £250 bonus

      If you’re slightly nervous or apprehensive about fostering, or perhaps you’re still relatively new to the profession and you’d love to build up your experience before committing to a longer-term foster placement, then respite foster care will be suitable for you.

      Regardless of the type of foster placement you might be interested in, the foster care requirements are exactly the same. Remember, you just have to be over 21 years old, have a spare bedroom, a good grasp of english and be financially stable to apply.

      If you’re interested in respite foster care, or any other type of fostering for that matter, it’s definitely time to start your life-changing journey as a foster carer. Contact us for an informal chat.

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