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At Perpetual Fostering, we’re amazed by our community. Our family of foster carers includes all sorts of caring individuals who hold a special cause very close to their hearts – helping to improve the lives of vulnerable children. What’s the best thing about our community? No two foster carers are the same, and that’s crucial for our provision of care.

We aim for a community of foster carers that is as diverse and vibrant as the children who benefit from our provision of care. Read on to find out what is, and isn’t, important to us as we apply our robust recruitment process.

Diverse Community
For foster children of ethnic and minority backgrounds, a diverse community of carers is especially important. As much as possible, these foster children benefit massively from inspiring individuals who reflect their own upbringing and heritage.

Marital Status
Potential foster carers don’t need to be married! In fact, we need to emphasise how positive and educational it can be for foster children to experience a range of lifestyles and backgrounds. If they can see that successful, strong people lead their lives in all sorts of ways, that can only be a positive.

Gender plays no factor when it comes to fostering eligibility. Yet when asked about it, most in the UK are under the impression that a single male is unsuitable for foster care. We’re keen to reassure our community that the opposite is the truth, and have worked with countless male fosterers over the years.

Above all, the following points are the most important attributes of our carers:
• the ability to provide a stable environment
• being a tireless, genuine champion of the interests of foster children
• acting consistently as a ‘team player’ with everyone involved in the process

Why not tell us about your background? We guarantee that wherever you may come from, or whatever you do for a living, there is a type of fostering to suit you.

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