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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Have you left your Christmas gifts till last minute this year? Or have you just been struggling for gift inspiration? Whatever it is, here are some more ideas for gifts for children this year!

  1. Fair Play (ages 3+)

Traidcraft, the fair trade company, has lots of charming, mainly wooden toys that are made by artisans around the world. These Guardsmen Skittles and ball will help young people hone their accuracy.

  1. Warm as toast (ages 0-7)

Tootsa’s colourful clothes suit boys and girls – and often feature quirky details children love!

  1. We’re Walking (ages 4+)

Discovery Channel Digital Walkie Talkies: lightweight and with an outdoor range of 3km and a night light, these could prove invaluable on any camping holidays next summer – or even just at home!  Let your child explore the world around them.

  1. Travel chess set (ages 5-10)

To keep children five to ten entertained if you’re travelling, give the gift of chess. This travel set is appealingly small – each piece is smaller than a pound coin – and its magnetic, essential on trains and planes.

  1. Stabilo Trio Fruitti Pens

These 12 great value pens will make double maths smell a lot better. From strawberry red to lemon yellow, every colour corresponds to a different fruit flavour. Your child’s pencil case will be the envy of the whole class.

  1. Slush Cuppy

Whatever the weather, who doesn’t enjoy a good slushie? The Slush Cuppy makes hunting for a store that sells them a thing of the past by transforming your average drink into an ice cold beverage in just seconds. It also comes with a ‘Spoonstraw’ and an insulated mug to keep the slushie colder for longer – a great gift for all ages.

  1. Princess Skipping Rope

A traditional playground gift that will encourage them to get outside and let off steam. Beautifully made with solid wooden handles, this skipping rope is a lovely gift.

  1. 3DS Pokémon Sun Game

Released last month, this Nintendo DS game – along with its counterpart Pokémon Moon – is set to be the game of the holiday season. If your kid’s gotta catch ‘em all, then both of these are must-haves!

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