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Let’s celebrate foster carers together

It is important to celebrate the contribution of foster carers.

The role they play is absolutely vital for the children and young people they care for, and benefits society as a whole. It is a professional role which deserves to be recognised. This is why we hold a Celebration Day every year for foster carers to share with the children the care for, their partners and their wider families.

The event, which we will host next month, also serves to bring together the whole Perpetual Fostering community. Although our foster carers meet regularly at our monthly forums, by including everyone, the Celebration Day provides a highlight in the year. So we like to make it extra special day – this year there will be entertainers, music and awards will be given out as part of the proceedings.

Reinforcing community spirit

The day really helps to reinforce the community spirit which exists among our network of foster carers. They frequently tell us that this sense of community is one of the main reasons why they decided to foster with Perpetual so we try to facilitate and nurture this wherever possible.

Many of our foster carers know each other well, some went through the approval process and foster care training together, and they want to stay in touch to see how each other is progressing. Sometimes this can be difficult as they may live far apart or just struggle to stay in touch because of their busy lives.
By having regular events, however, we offer a way for foster carers to maintain those vital relationships.

Feeling supported

These events are also important as they let foster carers know they are part of something bigger, and they remind everyone that the support of others is never far away.

No foster carer wants to feel abandoned with no one to talk to about their daily issues. With a fostering agency like Perpetual, foster carers get all the professional support they need it – help and advice is only ever a phone call away. But by being able to also talk things over with your peers, it offers a different type of support.

Foster carers have the same perspective as each other as they are travelling the same journey, so they can offer each other insights that other people simply can’t.

Recognising the wider support network

The monthly foster carer forums do give foster carers the chance to share their experiences and provide each other with mutual support but events like the Celebration Day go further. They give foster carers the chance to meet in a less formal setting and include the whole fostering community.

The Celebration Day does, after all, also recognise the contributions of the broader support network – the partners, the extended family and, of course, the children themselves.

If you like to know more about the community events which are open to our all foster carers, or the support which is available from Perpetual Fostering, please get in touch with our team. You can do this either by either getting in touch on our website or by calling us on 0845 1304748


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