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Make Becoming A Foster Carer Your New Year’s Resolution

Becoming a foster carer in 2016 is your chance to make a real difference to some of the most vulnerable children and young people within our society.

Across the UK, The Guardian recently reported the need to attract a further 8,000 new foster carers to the industry as an effective way of reducing levels of placement disruption, tackling the ongoing refugee crisis and to ensure that the highest standard of support is being provided to each child.

Without the recruitment of these extra foster carers, it is certain that placement disruption will continue, siblings will keep on being separated and some children may have to live in areas miles from where they originally grew up. By becoming a foster carer, you have the chance to help put an end to these issues that are currently impacting on the wider foster care industry.

Becoming a foster carer with us in 2016

You only have to take a quick glance at our various fostering stories to understand that so many of our foster carers feel that fostering is the best job in the world and that they wouldn’t change it for anything.

Although foster care is without its challenges, the positive changes that can be achieved from the smallest of interventions is what makes it all worthwhile. From our team of experienced social workers to our heartwarming community of foster carers, it’s really our desire to make a difference that brings us together – to which we’ve never lost sight of the reasons why we began this journey in the first place.

Whilst it’s this level of passion and willingness that helps to change lives, it must not be forgotten that becoming a foster carer with Perpetual Fostering is a smooth, simple and painless process.

Yes, all foster carers do require a degree of resilience and determination, as well as the practicality of having a spare bedroom and being financially stable. However, we’re extremely encouraged by the fact that our foster carers come from a wide range of backgrounds and communities.

Regardless of whether you’re single, co-habiting, married or have children of your own, from the moment you start your fostering journey you’ll be supplied with superb levels of care, advice and support, whenever you may need it.

As an independent fostering agency that was recently commended by Ofsted for the good level of service and support we provide to our young people and foster families, we know that you have what it takes to become a foster carer in 2016.

So, whether you’ve already considered becoming a foster carer, or reading this article has spiked your interest for the first time, make sure this year is the time when you decided to pluck up the courage to start your journey.

To begin your application, or to discover more about the pastoral care and financial rewards we provide to our fostering community, contact our office on 0845 074 0076.

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