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Making the Transition to Secondary School

Perpetual Fostering’s youth ambassador Emily offers advice to help children make the transition to secondary school

The transition to secondary school can be a huge part of a young person’s life and is the stepping stone to an environment which will let you develop your education, confidence and friendships.

Whilst secondary school is an exciting time in your life, moving on from primary school to secondary school can be a little bit different for some people.

Secondary school is different to primary school in many ways. There might be more people, the work is a bit harder and you’re taking a step up in your education, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun new experience at the same time.

New people

When I moved on to secondary school, I was overwhelmed with all the new people I got to meet and the subjects I got to try out that weren’t offered to me at primary school, which is one reason why I really enjoyed my time at secondary school.

At first I found it hard to leave somewhere that I’d been for so many years and where I knew almost everyone, but it’s true that everyone feels like this at first and that it’s completely normal.

More homework

As well as all of the positive points of starting secondary school, there are some factors that you have to consider carefully. When you first start secondary school you may realise that your lessons are a lot more varied and that you might have to do more homework than you did before.

The key to not letting your schedule become too overwhelming is to make sure that you keep on top of all your homework and that you make sure you know where your classrooms are for each of your lessons and that you know what time you have to get to lesson so you aren’t late.

In conclusion, the transition to secondary school is very important and may be a little overwhelming at first, but secondary school is a place where you’ll make new friends and be offered lots of unique opportunities.

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