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Memory Books And Boxes

We love activities that involve both the foster carer and foster child – whether it’s outside play or baking chocolate chip cookies together inside the house, we wholeheartedly encourage activities that develop bonds and build healthy foster carer/foster child relationships.

One creative and special activity to consider is to start building a memory book or memory box together – a book or box that serves as a collection of memories that the foster child will gather during his or her time as part of your foster family. Helping to preserve a foster child’s own special memories will also help to build their confidence and self esteem.

A few different ideas of things to include could be:

      • First photo of the child’s arrival into the foster care family
      • Photos from celebrations such as birthdays, Christmases, etc
      • Souvenirs or trinkets from fun summer holiday activities
      • Photos of “firsts” – ticket stub from first cinema visit, first photo with Santa, first photo booth photos, and so on
      • School reports, certificates, photos, accolades, etc
      • Sport/swimming/football/dance certificates and medals
      • Drawings/work/arts and crafts

And don’t forget to let your foster child decorate the book/box, so that they can add their personal stamp to it – paint, beads, feathers, glitter, foam shapes, fluffy balls, sequins, cut-out paper stars/shapes, anything works; just let them make it their own!

Children can add to the book/box or start a new one as time goes on, and regardless of how long a foster child may be with you, a memory book or box is a fun, visual, and thoughtful way to build up a bank of memories that, one day, your foster child will (hopefully) treasure and look back on with a smile.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to see your memory books or boxes – take a snap and tweet us @perpetualfoster, we’d be delighted to see all of your collective works! If you have ideas on activities that are fun, creative, and easy to do, please get in touch.

Have fun, be inspired, and let’s start creating!

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