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‘My foster parents inspired me’, says National Poetry Champion

A recently crowned national poetry champion has revealed his foster parents were the main inspiration behind his achievement.

Speaking to a sell-out audience at the Royal Albert Hall, London, Solomon Ogunmefun-Brooker spoke extremely highly of his foster parents, Victor and Patricia Brooker, who he calls his ‘nan and grandad.’

Solomon, who goes under the stage name of Solomon O.B, originally grew up in Hackney, North East London, but was taken into foster care with his brother and sister when they were all babies.

He told the Evening Standard, “They [his foster parents] are the most loving people I’ve ever met in my whole life. Of course I’m biased.”

“If we weren’t different skin colours you would have no idea we weren’t related. They showed us the same level of love and affection and pure dedication to raising us as they would their own children.”

“…our situation has been so beautiful and such a positive one.”

“I think it’s important to share that and hopefully people can relate to it and hopefully it celebrates all that they’ve done for me. There’s a line in the poem ‘the whole family embraced us the same way that veins take in blood’ — they are all just our family.”

Foster carers do have the power to transform lives

Although this is just one of the many foster care success stories we often read about, it is still touching to hear from an individual who grew up in foster care.

This type of story also helps to reinforce the belief that foster care does indeed work, and that foster carers are fully committed to transforming the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable and at risk young people.

From reading Solomon’s story, we have no doubt that his foster parents, Victor and Patricia, are special people, but, believe it or not, you don’t actually need any special powers to become a foster parent. In fact, our community of foster carers are just normal people who share a passion and a level of determination to make a difference.

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If you’ve been inspired by Solomon’s story, you’ll be glad to know that we’re on the lookout for more kindhearted and passionate people who want to make a difference and become foster carers. Apply online or contact our head office today.

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