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Nottingham Post Celebrates Foster Caring Star

A foster carer has been remembered in the Nottingham Post for her incredible service to children in care. After several decades spent with more than 60 foster children under her wing, Peggy Parker is honoured by her daughters – two of whom were foster children of hers and later became full family members.

Tributes have been pouring in for Peggy, who was a “loving and caring” foster carer for dozens of children in the Nottingham area. She lived in variously in St Ann’s, Netherfield and Gedling with her husband over a period of 30 years, in which time they excelled in providing stability and safety for vulnerable children.

Her only child, Margaret, describes Peggy’s dedication to giving youngsters a home: “I remember the first child she fostered was a little girl who was originally from Clifton … she was about two years old.” Her daughter continues: on top of caring for her own child, Peggy “fostered quite a few brothers and sisters, but the most she had at a time was probably three … I always wondered how she could do it. Most of the children had been neglected and were very vulnerable.”

Margaret admits that her mum “sometimes used to get upset when they had to be taken away again, but she seemed to take everything in her stride.”

The article also describes how sisters Carole and Susan, whom Peggy fostered together, never left after arriving at just nine and 11 respectively. They’ve been welcome additions to their family in the 43 years since, and Carole sums up their story nicely: “I don’t know where Susan and I would have been … it certainly couldn’t have been any better than we had. Peggy was a very caring mum to us and gave up a lot to look after us.”

Susan goes on to add: “she brought us up well. She never treated us any differently to her own daughter – we were like her own”

At Perpetual Fostering we’d also like to celebrate the memory of Peggy and her foster caring career. We’re constantly amazed by the extraordinary people who choose to foster, and have an immeasurable impact on their community in the process. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can transform the lives of vulnerable children for the better, or read some of the stories of our valued carers.

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