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Check Out Our Meme!

We hope you’re enjoying our fun, superhero meme, but in case you haven’t seen it, have a look at that nice big image above! We’re thrilled with it – it represents an important belief of ours: that is, every foster carer with us is a real life superhero.

This is because we appreciate the amazing effort that everyone brings to our fostering family.

The timing is just as important – #FosteringFortnight is underway. This is a very special time to celebrate our carers and spread general awareness about their efforts.

Check out our meme on Facebook and Twitter, and please do share it over your social channels to help to spread awareness among your friends, families, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in fostering services. This would really mean a lot to us, especially because we’re planning a coffee morning particularly for new or potential foster carers – more about that very soon here on this blog. But if you’re in the Lancashire region, just be sure to keep Saturday 6th June free!

We just have one question for our readers: are you confident that you could be a foster carer one day? And if so, when? Remember that it all comes down to your temperament, willingness to learn, and ability to work together with us as a team! From the start, everyone is a beginner, with plenty of questions – the answers only ever come with time.

So over the next fortnight, keep an eye on our social media channels and what we share: you’ll see that it is possible to become a superhero, and to change a young person’s life.

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During your lunch break, or the time you spend checking Facebook, another child will come into care. Right now, that child is thinking: 'Who cares?' More Videos
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