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  • 7 February 2017 / Christmas / Events / Fundraising

    Last Christmas, staff members at Perpetual Fostering all donned a festive jumper and donated money to Save the Children for Christmas Jumper Day. Having raised a total of…

  • 6 February 2017 / Becoming a foster carer / Foster Caring / Fostering children

    Type ‘fostering’ into a Google search and the top results will be to local authority or government websites. However, independent fostering agencies (IFAs) – agencies like Perpetual –…

  • 1 February 2017 / Events / News

    A number of football teams, made up of young girls, have been recognised by the Bolton News for playing skilfully and to a high standard in recent friendly…

  • 31 January 2017 / Families / Family Advice / Foster Caring

    Welcoming your foster child into your home isn’t going to be as easy as simply opening your door. You need to treat him like any other child but…

  • 12 January 2017 / Advice for young people / Foster Children / Fostering news

    They say that music is a universal language. Regardless of where you are from or what your background, a good melody is something that everyone can enjoy and…

  • 10 January 2017 / Family Advice / Foster Caring / Foster Children

    “Why bother? Nothing will work out anyway. No one cares and it doesn’t make a difference.” These are sentiments shared by those plagued by the feeling of hopelessness….

  • 3 January 2017 / General / News

    Popularly billed as either a “miracle” solution for involuntarily childless couples or as a “step too far” that should be halted in its tracks, surrogacy is becoming big…

  • 31 December 2016 / Christmas / Events / General


  • 27 December 2016 / Christmas / Events / General

    If you’re planning a trip to the theatre this Christmas, look no further: this guide to the country’s best plays and pantomimes will sort you out before you…

  • 22 December 2016 / Christmas / Families / General

    Have you left your Christmas gifts till last minute this year? Or have you just been struggling for gift inspiration? Whatever it is, here are some more ideas…

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