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Perpetual Fostering appoints youth ambassador

Perpetual Fostering have appointed a youth ambassador to represent the views of children and young people within its fostering community.

Sixth form student Emily Raby, 16, has been enlisted to give a strong voice to Perpetual’s younger generation and ensure the adults in the community understand what really matters to them. Emily, of Holy Cross College in Bury, will meet with the community’s young people to canvass their thoughts and attend Perpetual Fostering’s youth forum, Boom Group, every month.

“My role will be to make sure that young people are represented in a fair and accurate way,” said Emily. “I’m really excited to get to know everyone, talk to them and to hear about their aspirations. I think it is important that young people’s views are expressed in the right way and what they care about is understood. I can’t wait to get started.”

Joanne Sharples, Fostering Service Manager at Perpetual Fostering, believes Emily appointment will help influence community activities by ensuring that young people’s views are well known when decisions are made.

“It is important that our young people feel they are able to communicate their views and that they are not being overlooked. Appointing a youth ambassador to help raise any issues will provide another way for them to do that and get their points across. Emily is very keen to work on behalf of our young people and ensure that is the case. She has bags of enthusiasm so I’m confident she will have an impact.”

As youth ambassador, Emily will also help produce a regular newsletter and blogs for the young people in the Perpetual community to read.

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