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Preparing Your Foster Children to Go Back to School

Some effective tips that will help you prepare your foster child for school


The long vacation in the year can make your child out of his or her daily, school-going routine. The child gets used to wake up late due to sleeping late in the holidays and may take some time getting back to the school routine after the holidays. The child may also be lethargic in the morning to go to school and similar to any kind of change, it will take some time for him or her adjust. This article provides some effective and handy tips which will help you as a foster parent to prepare your child for a new school year.

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Back to School for Foster Children – Build Excitement

In addition to attending class and doing homework, the school year will bring chances for fun and exciting moments. Talk to your child in care about the many opportunities that will be available to him. It would help to do research on the school and learn the activities that interest him. If he loves music, try to get him excited about and involved in band, chorus or glee club. If he loves sports, encourage him to try out for basketball, football, tennis or any other athletic team available at the school. Explain the reward gained when he is a part of a team – not to mention how great it can look when he applies for college in the future.

Back to School for Foster Children – Revive Sleep Routine

For your child in care, there will be no more sleeping without alarms during weekdays for a good while. It may take some time, but sending him to bed early is your best bet for a productive day. It is generally known that getting the right amount of rest each night can give the body what it needs to function properly. Determine the best time your child in care should go to bed for a guaranteed good night’s rest, and stick to it – and, if there is a monster in the closet or under the bed, you’ll have to get rid of it immediately so there will be peaceful sleeping for all throughout the night.

Back to School for Foster Children – Get Involved

In addition to receiving progress reports, reach out to your child in care’s teacher to stay on top of how he is doing. He has been through some traumatic experiences; there could be many distractions he may be dealing with, so it’s in his best interest when you are aware of any hurdles he may need help overcoming.

Author: Salendria Mabrey

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