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At Perpetual Fostering, we continually encourage the improvement of our foster carers’ skills through training, forums, mentoring, support, and help with qualifications. We want our foster carers to share with each other, and come to us for advice and support whenever they feel it is needed. In the spirit of this, we’ve compiled a few tips for remembering during the process of fostering a child.

Remember the little things
Remember all the great things about fostering, and try to celebrate together through sharing them with your foster children. Encouraging the show of mutual appreciation can help with self-esteem and make foster children feel welcome, increasing their comfortability in your home.

Believe in your foster children
For foster carers and social workers to believe that their foster children can achieve the best is hugely encouraging. Foster children come from all kinds of backgrounds; backgrounds that may not have necessarily nurtured a healthy, positive image. To show that you believe that they are capable of doing well at school, going on to great things, or any project they take up, usually goes a great way to helping them do just that.

Build a connection
Young people need to feel that they can trust you when they need advice. This doesn’t mean you have to know what it’s like to be from their background; you just have to be there to listen and try to learn where they’re coming from without making them feel like you’re prying. Making an effort, even when it’s difficult, will hopefully produce great results in the long run.

Go further
Going further to include foster children in your family ensures that they don’t feel like an outsider, and can help with any recovery that may need to happen. Finding out what activities and after school clubs are available to your foster child can be really helpful in growing social skills, friendships, and support outside your home. Take an interest in their passions and take time to invest in their dreams and life goals. Having someone who values them for who they are, will be something that they will, no doubt, thank you for one day.

If you’re considering foster care with us, contact us or visit our Becoming a Foster Carer page for more information.

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