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Fostering Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need specific experience or qualifications to become a foster carer?

No. Foster carers come from vastly different backgrounds and have overcome different challenges in life. Here are 2 examples that illustrate the point: Rachel spent her early life…

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Do all fostering agencies pay the same?

No. Local authorities and independent fostering agencies all offer different reward payments (and different levels of support and training). Download our free Guide to What Foster Carers Get…

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Can a child placed with me share a bedroom with one of my own children?

Perpetual Fostering will only place children if they can have their own bedroom. However, if the foster placement involves siblings we would allow them to share if it…

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What checks will be carried out on me if I apply to be a foster carer?

During the assessment period we undertake a number of statutory checks to make sure you are fit and capable of fostering. These include a medical and background checks…

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Can I still go out to work and be a foster carer?

There’s some flexibility if you foster a school-age child – depending on the young person’s needs, you may be in a position to continue working part time or…

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How long will I have to wait for a placement after being approved to foster?

Once your assessment is completed and you are approved, you can begin taking placements immediately. We make all placements following a careful matching process that’s based on information…

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What is an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) and how is it different from local authority fostering?

Local authorities are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of all children in care. If the local authority is unable to accommodate a child in care, they delegate this…

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Can I choose how long a child stays with me?

You always have the ultimate decision on whether to accept a placement. However, as the duration of placements can often be unclear, you may need to take a…

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