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Recipe Ideas for Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday, the Christian festival marking the start of Lent, is often referred to as Pancake Day here in the UK. Although it represents the last day for Christians to eat luxurious foods, children all over the country, whether they celebrate Easter or not, will be looking forward to pancakes. This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on Tuesday 28th February!

Whilst eating pancakes on Pancake Day is a great treat for kids, we’ve found a few variations of the traditional Pancake recipe to promote healthier eating habits!

The Classic Pancake

Eating pancakes might not be a regular occurrence in your household, so you and your kids might want to stick to traditional English pancakes. But instead of the typical Nutella topping or the traditional lemon and sugar, you might want to try a healthier option? Cover your pancakes with lots of fruit (easy way to add to your 5-a-day) and a few teaspoons of organic maple syrup for a sweeter pancake without the unhealthy refined sugars!

Want a recipe? Click here.

The Oat Pancake

A healthy variation to the traditional pancake recipe is substituting the flour used for ground oats! Oats are incredibly nutritious, packed with fibre and they taste great in pancakes. The substitution is unlikely to change the overall taste of the pancakes, so the kids won’t know the difference! Again, for an even healthier recipe, top your oat pancakes with fruit and organic maple syrup!

Find a recipe here, or simply substitute flour for oats in the classic pancake recipe!

The Banana Pancake

Popular with many health advocates, pancakes made using bananas in the batter are a great way to create an even healthier recipe. They can get you one step closer to your five-a-day and they’re a great idea if your kids aren’t keen on topping their pancakes with fruit. Since Pancake Day is all about final indulgence, maybe you could treat your kids to banana pancakes topped with a teaspoon of nutella!

Find a helpful Jamie Oliver recipe here!

Whatever you choose to make on Pancake Day, we hope your kids enjoy!

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