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Kid Company: Rewards Of Foster Children At Christmas

Continuing the Christmas theme of our recent posts, we’d like to reflect on how foster children reward their carers at this time of year. When asked about the prospect of fostering, many people tend to focus on how their lives will be affected or changed; what they should really be focusing on is how they’ll be enriched by the experience.

In this post however, we know our audience is mostly made up of the enlightened – or at least the shortly-to-be enlightened – so this time we’re here to talk about the rewards foster children will bring you at Christmas time.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit
Opening your home to a foster child is just about the most charitable, generous thing you can choose to do. The amazing thing about all foster carers is that they help children in difficult situations have better, more comfortable and supported lives. As it is, these children haven’t caused the underlying problems facing their family, but are made to suffer the consequences regardless. Giving them some time off from this is an embodiment of the Christmas spirit.

How Your Own Child Benefits
If you have children of your own, you’re really giving them a leg up on understanding the world around them. They’ll be educated in all sorts of ways by the experience:

• they’ll learn how to be compassionate
• the importance of being generous
• how and when to be tolerant
• the value of the family unit

These are just some very brief ways foster children give back to their carers. This time in particular, we’d be really keen to hear what foster carers reading this think. What were your experiences of fostering during Christmas time? We’re all ears to your experiences, so please do share them with us! Drop us a line or give us a call – we’d love to chat.

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