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Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

The summer holidays have started, and with them comes weeks of extra time to fill whilst trying to keep the children entertained. We all know that a lot of children have short attention spans and are very easily bored, so it’s important to have an array of fun and interesting activities up your sleeve to keep them occupied, and ensure they’re not just sitting in front of the TV or computer console all day.

As we’re in the UK, we can’t rely on the sun to shine every day, so here are our ideas for fun summer activities for kids no matter what the weather.

Get crafty with paper

Getting crafty with kids doesn’t have to be expensive or messy. There’s loads you can do with stuff that you can find lying around at home. Paper is your best friend when it comes to easy art and craft activities, and there’s no limit to what you can make. Check out this post for 30+ easy paper crafts for kids.

Pull out the paints

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, why not let the kids get creative with the paint? Clear a big space and cover the valuables, and let them go at it with some watercolours or acrylics. This post has a number of fantastic ideas for how to get creative with paint and make some wonderful keepsakes.

Camp in the back garden

Take the kids camping…in the back garden! This is great for younger kids because it has the element of adventure but also the home comforts that makes taking little ones away a little difficult; you have easy access to the bathroom and even their own bed if they wake up and decide they don’t much like sleeping outside.

Here’s a great post on different back garden camping activities, including lots of recipes to make and fun games to play, to make it a night to remember for all the family.  

Think outside the box at MoSi

You may not think that the Museum of Science and Industry sounds very arty, but the museum is always a hit with families and has a great variety of activities for kids and opportunities to get creative. Entry is free and there are some great exhibitions being held there, and the theme of the summer focuses on celebrating the Year of Engineering. The family weekend is being held on 25-26th August. The museum even has an app for families to use whilst exploring, and has a number of activities aimed at kids of all ages. You can find out more about their family activities and events on their family page.

Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the kids entertained for hours, with the added bonus of tiring them out and making sure they sleep well that night! Here’s a great post on different types of scavenger hunts you can get the kids involved in. Just make sure you hold it in an area they know well so there’s no potential to get lost, and also that you’re not taking or leaving behind anything harmful to the environment.

Visit an Art Gallery

Art galleries are a great day out and are a great learning experience while also being fun. Most galleries are free to enter and often have special activities for children and families. The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester holds a weekly event called ‘Artist Sundays’, which include a number of quirky and interesting activities for families put together by artists.  Manchester Art Gallery also has great family events, including a number of summer art-making sessions. For more art galleries and exhibitions around Manchester, read this great post.

A yummy twist on the classic picnic

One of the more obvious summer activities is the classic picnic in a local park or at the beach. However, why not put a fun twist on the day by giving the kids the chance to make all of the picnic food. Check out these fab kids’ picnic recipes from BBC Goodfood for inspiration.  The kids will love getting creative in the kitchen, and will enjoy eating their delicious homemade treats even more!

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