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Summer Holidays!

Everyone loves summer holidays – we definitely do!

We recently talked about how to stay safe in the sun. This time we’ve got more valuable advice for foster children, when they’re treated to something as nice as a holiday.
As you become closer to your foster carers, and really feel like part of the family, you’ll find that these wonderful people want to include you in everything. So when they take you on holiday with them, it’s important to show how grateful you are.

After all, a holiday for three or four (or more!) people can be expensive. So try your best to remember the following:

Use Common Sense
When you’re abroad, you’ll notice differences big and small. Other countries speak all kinds of languages, people think and dress differently – in general, many things are done differently to what you’re used to. What isn’t different is the idea of common sense. Use the same street smarts you would at home – i.e. when crossing the road, no talking to strangers, and so on.

Don’t Fight With Anyone
We know we don’t really have to say it, but since your foster carers have gone to all the trouble of bringing you on holiday with them, you must behave yourself while you’re away with them. So be nice to your foster siblings, and remain grateful that you get to enjoy a holiday.

It’s Their Holiday Too
If your foster carers want to go to museums, look around cultural sites, or they love visiting historical places, then you should go as well. It may not seem like it at first, but these kinds of activities will do you good. We’re sure your carers will make more than enough time to do what you want to anyway.

Thank Them For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
When you’re abroad, you get to try all sorts of delicious new foods. It’s one of very best ways to sample something totally new and different. Somethings you might never get at home, so enjoy the experience!

We’ve got plenty more advice and experience for these warm months ahead – keep your eyes here for more advice.

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